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Yeosu, Korea

Welcome to Yeosu!

The beginning and end of the Dado Sea Marine National Park is Hyangilam in DadoGeomundo, Sado, Baekdo, Geumohdo, etc. It is the beginning and the beginning of Hanryeohae National Park. There is Odongdo Island in the Korea Maritime National Park. and Yeosu is the start and end of the southeastern coastal industrial zone and is the largest petrochemical complex in Korea, contributing to the development of Korea's industry. Yeosu is the largest marine product production city in Korea, including anchovies, oysters, and mussels.


Must Go in Yeosu


Must Eat


Anyone who tastes it once seeks for it again for sure

The gat of Dolsan has a peculiar scent, and it has less tangy, spicy taste and fibers than an ordinary gat There are no hair on the leaf and the stalk, unlike ordinary red gat, and it is a soft green vegetable. It also has higher protein content than other vegetables.




Various foods made with fresh seafood as the main ingredients

40 or so various foods made with fresh seafood of the clean, southern seas! You would be surprised at the beautiful taste, freshness, and the various number of seafood. You can feel the freshness and generosity of Yeosu’s coastal seas and the sincere feelings of Yeosu from the table full of dishes.


Tourist Attraction



Endless sea and performance events

Yeosu World Exhibition Venue, that has moved the people of the whole world, has exciting exhibition facilities, such as Big O show, a splendid show that is not like any other in this world, Sky Tower, and Aqua Planet, that is on throughout the day, and it also has a dynamic marine leports program. It is full of people strolling through the waterside park that is adjacent to the sea.

Yeosu World Exhibition Venue provides fun and many various things to see


Endless seas

It is the first sea cable car in Korea that connects the 1.5km between Yeosu Dolsan and Jasan Park. There are 10 cabins, with a see-through crystal floor (for up to 5 people), and 40 regular cabins (for up to 8 people), with a total of 50 cabins. The open views of the archipelago, centering the Exhibition Venue and Odongdo Island, and Yeosu’s nightscape of seas is beautiful.

It is the 4th sea cable car in Asia, followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam. Now, you can enjoy the thrill from the cutting winds and feel the seas and the sky with your whole body in the Yeosu Sea Cable Car.


Yeosu was a stronghold of the Chosun navy for 400 years.


Jinnamgwan, a national treasure number 304, was a one-storied wooden building made after the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592 was over, so it is a symbol of country-saving and is also a symbol of Yeosu. 
The palace Manghaeru of the 2nd floor in front of Jinnamgwan was demolished during the Japanese Empire, but was restored.




From the original seven, this is the only one remaining. It has a hood on its head, has its harms crossed, and has clothing on top of it. It looks as if it is looking at the enemy serenely. Although it is just a mere legend, it is an important cultural asset related to the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592.