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November 2-5, 2015
Hotel Hyundai, Gyeongju, Korea

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Gyeongju, Korea

Welcome to Gyeongju!

Gyeongju is the ancient capital of Silla boasting its splendid national culture and history. Gyeongju is one of Korea's national treasures and World's important resource of culture and history. With the clean oceanic East Sea area and magnificent natural scenery along the coast, Gyeongju is an optimal city of leisure and marine tourism. It is a complex urban-rural city where agriculture, livestock and fisheries are developed along with its great natural environment. Based on its huge land area (2.2 times bigger than Seoul), fertile soil and the 36km-long clean oceanic area of the East Sea, Gyeongju is an excellent production base for agriculture, livestock and fishery. While establishing itself as a representative city of tourism with its historico-cultural heritage, Gyeongju is currently promoting three major national projects with a view to becoming a city of cutting-edge technology.


Category From Seoul From Busan From Daegu From Pohang
National Road 365.0km 90.6km 73.5km 29.9km
High way 359.3km 68.7km 54.0km
Railway 339.8km 115.2km 75.9km 33.5km


Gyeongju has four distinct seasons. Due to its continental climate, there are great temperature differences in the city. The inland area is a basin, causing higher temperatures during the summer as compared with the coastal areas of the city. The city’s annual average temperature is 12.5°C and precipitation is 1,157mm. Typhoons pass through the region 3-4 times every summer.


  • City Flower
  • [Forsythia]
  • Forsythia is a genus of flowering plants of the family Oleaceae (olive family). It grows well on any type of soil. Tenacity being its important quality, this flower stands for Gyeongju's wish for its everlasting prosperity.

  • City Tree
  • [Pine Tree]
  • Tall and evergreen, the pine tree is used not only for wood products but also for food and medicine. The tree stands for the unrelenting Hwarang sprit and fealty of the citizens that achieved the unification of the three ancient kingdoms that had divided the Korean peninsula, Silla, Goguryeo and Baekje.

  • City Bird
  • [Magpie]
  • In Korea, the magpie is a symbol of an auspicious messenger. Living in harmony with pine trees, the magpie represents the simple, kind and unpretentious characteristics of Gyeongju citizens.

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