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SoC Design

November 2-5, 2015
Hotel Hyundai, Gyeongju, Korea



The Organizing Committee of the ISOCC 2015 welcomes all kinds of sponsors and exhibitors from interested companies and institutions. ISOCC 2015 will be a great opportunity to promote the true value of your product and services. Moreover, you will be interact and communicate with the international participants from more than 20 countries.

* Find the below linked announcement for more information including the benefit of sponsorship and exhibition. [CLICK HERE]

Those who are interested in exhibition, sponsorship and advertisement of ISOCC 2015, please contact to the conference secretariat for the detailed information at secretary@isocc.org.

스폰서_01 Samsung
스폰서_02 KETI
스폰서_03 Sogang University STAR
스폰서_04 KETI
스폰서_05 COSAR
스폰서_06 ETRI SW-SoC
스폰서_07 LG Electronics
스폰서_08 SK hynix
스폰서_09 Synopsys Korea
스폰서_10 Cadence Korea
스폰서_11 Mentor Graphics
스폰서_12 pixelplus
스폰서_13 ADT
스폰서_14 Silicon Mitus
스폰서_15 Anritsu-Korea
스폰서_16 Sogang University AIPRC
스폰서_17 SiliconWorks
스폰서_18 TLI
스폰서_19 Anapass
스폰서_20 Hanyang University ITRC
스폰서_21 Nextchip
스폰서_22 Telechips
스폰서_23 University of Seoul ITRC
스폰서_24 University of ULSAN BK21
스폰서_25 Vivante Korea
스폰서_26 Dongwoon Anatech
스폰서_27 Keysight Technologies
스폰서_28 mtekvision
스폰서_29 Nexell
Asia Pacific Satellit Communications Inc. Asia Pacific Satellit Communications Inc.
스폰서_31 Cesign
스폰서_32 Chungbuk Technopark
스폰서_33 FCI
스폰서_34 Huins
스폰서_35 Libertron
스폰서_36 Optolane
스폰서_37 PineS
스폰서_38 Raontech
스폰서_39 ICTK
스폰서_40 Maps
스폰서_41 National Instrument(NI)
스폰서_42 Zaram Technology
Semiconductor Society Semiconductor Society
스폰서_44 IEEE CAS Seoul Chapter
스폰서_45 IEEE SSCS Seoul Chapter
RF integrated circuit technicap group RF integrated circuit technical group
SoC Design Society SoC Design Society
스폰서_48 Hyundai AUTRON

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