Date: November 5th(Monday), 2012
Venue: Grand Ballroom (2F)
Time: 18:30~20:30
All the conference registration includes an admission ticket for banquet.
Extra ticket can be purchased at the registration desk.
About Performance
B-boy & SamulNori Battle
Samul nori is a genre of traditional percussion music originating in Korea. The word samul means "four objects" and nori means "play"; samul nori is performed with four traditional Korean musical instruments:
  • Kkwaenggwari (a small gong)
  • Jing (a larger gong)
  • Janggu (an hourglass-shaped drum)
  • Buk (a barrel drum similar to the bass drum)

The traditional Korean instruments are called pungmul.

Fusion traditional music played “Let’s Play”
This art performance expresses the full range of the characteristics of drums through the use of various types of Korean drums with Taepyungso and Daegum(Large transverse bamboo flute). It is a dynamic dance which changes splendidly according to the strength and rhythm of the drumbeat.