Registration Guideline
Early registration due date:
Online registration due date:
On-site (Venue) Registration:
November 9, 2010
November 12, 2010
November 21-23, 2010
Registration Fees
Early Registration By
November 9, 2010
Registration From
November 10, 2010
Members of IEEE or IEEK
USD 250
KRW 300,000
USD 300
KRW 360,000
Non Members
USD 300
KRW 360,000
USD 350
KRW 420,000
Members of IEEE or IEEK
USD 100
KRW 120,000
USD 120
KRW 140,000
Non Members
USD 130
KRW 150,000
USD 150
KRW 180,000
  • Online registration can be made by November 12, 2010. After November 12, 2010, only the on-site registration at the conference venue can be made.
  • At least one author must make an early registration by November 9, 2010.
Regular/Student Registration Entitlements
  • Admission to all sessions
  • CD-ROM, Final program
  • Coffee break-Banquet (Student participants are also eligible for free banquet)
  • You must make an early-registration or online-registration to be eligible for free banquet.
  • After the online registration due date, including on the conference day, you have to purchase a banquet ticket if you want to enjoy a banquet. Ticket availability will depend on the available banquet spaces.
For online payment with card
    To pay your registration fee with your card, you should use 3D Secure service.
    (We are sorry for this inconvenience, however all Korean On-line registration system has this limitation for security..)

    What you need to do is like the following :
    (1) Please, check if the card company supports 3D Secure service.
    (It means that the card company should join 3D Secure service.)
    (2) If it is, you should activate your 3D Secure service through your card company website.
    (3) If you finish activating 3D Secure service, then you can pay the registration fee with your card.

    So, please check if your card company supports for 3D Secure service, then activate your 3D Secure service, finally you can pay the registration fee with 3D Secure service.
>> Instructions on using Overseas Card 3D: Download
In case that 3D secure service cannot be activated, please inform us of your trouble via email at You will receive an official email from ISOCC 2010. Please present a copy of this email when you register on-site in order to secure your registration fee at early-registration rate.
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